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All the world's robots have gone berserk! As luck would have it, Izzy- an elite Sweeper soldier- was away on vacation and hasn't yet been captured. Show those rust buckets who's boss, and stop the robot rebellion before it's too late!

Izzy Cleans House! is currently in early active development and is expected to be finished by summer. There will be five levels, various play modes, and plenty of replayability! Expected price is $10.

Because there's no tutorial yet, here's a short primer:

A and D move left and right. Press Space to jump, and hold S and press Space to drop through thin platforms. Hold a direction against a wall while you're falling against it to wall slide, and press space to wall jump.

Press Shift to perform a short invincible dash.

Left mouse button fires and right mouse button uses your special attack (when your special meter is full).

Before you start, pick one Augment from each row. The top row is defensive, the middle row picks your shot type, and the bottom row is your special ability.

Destroy crates to get powerups. Some change your shots, some power up your abilities.

When destroyed, enemies drop Bolts. Bolts will automatically upgrade your Augment abilities. Augments start off disabled, and go up to level 3.

Destroy enemies to trigger objectives (Count shown on right, underneath Bolts counter). Objectives appear around the level and do various things. Destroy them quickly, because there's a time limit!

Yellow rails will make Izzy move forward at a constant rate, and you gain points for riding on them. Holding Shift will make her speed up.

Once you've destroyed four objectives, the boss will appear. Bust him up to win the level!

Known issues:

ALL graphics and sounds are unfinished.

The hud is unfinished. Namely, there's only an icon for the blaster shot type, and no graphics for enemy and objective counters besides text.

Sometimes enemy sprites will stretch across the screen and then disappear. I'm not totally sure what causes this..

The augment picker screen is largely unfinished. The middle row icons aren't right, and the proceed button graphic (bottom right) is placeholder.

The game will error if you don't select an augment on all three rows before clicking the start button.

Enemies are kind of dumb. Also, enemy guns don't like to rotate properly.

Wall jumps are a little weird.

Not many sprites are animated and all tilesets/backgrounds aren't 100% finished.

Number ticking on the tally screen can't be skipped.

Difficulty is probably too high.

Debug keys:

T adds special charge and bolts.

Middle mouse button progresses to the next objective.

Ctrl takes a screenshot in the game's folder.

R restarts the game.


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